Cookies Policy

In accordance with the present article 22.2 from the legislation 34/2002, from the 11th of July, of Society Services of Information and e-commerce, this website informs you, in this section, about the policy gathered about the processing of cookies.

¿What are the cookies?

A cookie is a file that downloads itself into your computer when you access a specific website. The cookies allow a website, among other things, to store and recover information about the browsing habits of the user and its hardware, depending on the information that contains and the way its used, could be used to recognize the user.

¿What type of cookies are there?

The cookies could be owned or from third parties. The owned ones are those that are sent to the terminal of the user from the computer hardware or domains managed by the website’s editor, from which it is offered once the user requests it. Third parties cookies are those which are sent to the terminal of the user from the computer hardware or domain which is not managed by the editor, but rather for another entity which deals with the gathered data through the cookies.

Also, the cookies could be transferred or persistent. The first ones are a type of cookies designed to gather and store data while the user accesses a website. The persistent ones are the type of cookies which make the data to be stored in the terminal and could be accessed and managed during a definite period by the one responsible for the cookie, it could be for minutes or a few years.

The following list gathers the name of the cookies that this website uses.





How to deactivate the Cookie

You could allow, block or delete the cookies installed in your computer through the configuration options of your browser installed in your computer.

Hereafter you can access the configuration of the most used web browsers  to accept, install or deactivate the cookies.

Third Parties Cookies

This website includes other functionalities provided by social media that could install cookies.


Warning When Deleting Cookies

You can delete and block the cookies from this website, but that will affect the functionality of this site or will lower the quality of the same.